Capturing stories and creating moments in time

Hi, I’m Anisa, a free-spirited photographic artist & designer, seeker of knowledge, and being with a neverending curiosity who hails from the awesome city of London. I work with creatives, artists, and founders to craft photographs to aid in freedom of expression of who they truly are. 
A powerful photograph holds energy and feeling. My photography reveals their power and displays the energy of who they are. My photos and process is also very empowering for women and helps to embrace their divine feminine energy and sexuality. 
My favourite part of this is making people of all colours and backgrounds to feel beautiful and powerful when they see themselves through my lens. When they see it, it can transport them back to that time and reinforces their purpose.
My goal is to facilitate the true expression of humans, artists, movements, and brands - to inspire and help people to express their creativity. I believe that when people are creative that they are expressing their most authentic selves, and when people see your passion, they want to become a part of it.
Shoot me a message and we can talk about how to bring your vision to life :)
Thank you!

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